TutoRIA - International Student Activities

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Unfortunately, all of our event for the winter term 2017/18 have sold out.


In order to sign up, you have to come to our office in person to register.

Please bring your LMU student ID and – if necessary – the full payment required in cash. We can only accept cash payments.

If they are unable to attend, it is also possible to register your friends at the same time, as long as you bring their student ID as well.

Unfortunately we can only accept LMU students as participants in our events. This is a requirement inforced by the DAAD, to which we must adhere.

Please note: your registration is binding!
Please take time to consider your registration, whether you are free on the necessary days and would like to spend your money on our trips.
If you can no longer participate in an event – for whatever reason – we regret that we cannot refund your fee. You do of course have the opportunity to search for someone to take your place from you. This person must also be an LMU student. Please see our FAQ for further details.
You can also visit our TutoRIA Facebook group! There you maybe find someone who is willing to let a place or who wants to have yours if you are registred but can't participate.